Jahn Teigen

Jahn Teigen ( born September 27, 1949 in Tønsberg when Jan Teigen ) is a Norwegian singer and musician. He represented Norway at the Euro Vision Song Contest in 1978, 1982 and 1983 and became known through this competition in Europe. He was the first artist who got zero points for his title according to the new rules of scoring 1975.

Private life

Jahn Teigen was with Anita Skorgan ( which in turn has also participated several times for Norway at the Grand Prix) married, the couple divorced. With Skorgan Teigen has a daughter.

Participation in the Norwegian Grand Prix Trials

Teigen took in 1974 at the Norwegian qualification for the Grand Prix in part, the Melodi Grand Prix. He and Anne- Karine Strøm sang respectively, the same five titles. Hvor it you ( Where are you ) in the current version prevailed, she represented Norway in the ESC 1974 in Brighton with the English version of The First Day of Love.

Between 1974 and 2005, Teigen has a total participated in the Norwegian qualification 14 times. With the exception of the English Post My Heart Is My Home (2005) he sang all posts in Norwegian.

Euro Vision Song Contest 1978

At the Grand Prix in Paris in 1978 took doughs for the first time in part, with the ballad Mil etter mil ( German for " mile after mile"). The title was awarded by any single jury a point and finished last. That a title at the Grand Prix missed out, there had been several times in the past, but was Teigens poor performance in 1978 a novelty: 1975 was still valid points system was introduced ( in which each country can evaluate ten items). Mil etter mil became the epitome of failure at the Grand Prix. In Norway, however, doughs had great success, reaching number one on the charts with this title.

Euro Vision Song Contest in 1982 and 1983

At the Grand Prix in Harrogate in 1982 Teigen took part once again for Norway, this time as a duet with his then wife Anita Skorgan and the title Adieu, who finished twelfth. In Munich in 1983 reached doughs with space for nine Do-re -mi his best Grand Prix result.