Jal stands for:

  • Jal (Mars crater ), crater on the planet Mars
  • Jal (New Mexico ), location in New Mexico, USA
  • Jal (Oman ), place in Muscat ( Governorate )
  • Jal cyclone that occurred in the Indian Ocean, see cyclone season in Nordindik 2010 # Heavy cyclonic storm Jal

Jal is the surname of the following persons:

JAL is an abbreviation for:

  • JAL (programming language ) programming language for PIC microcontroller
  • JAL Express, Japanese low-cost airline
  • Jalisco, license plate of the Mexican state and according to the ISO 3266-2 code
  • Japan Airlines, the second largest Japanese carrier according to the ICAO code
  • Jorge Ángel Livraga - Rizzi (1930-1991), Argentine writer and philosopher
  • Journal of African Languages, scientific magazine
  • Xalapa, national airport in the state of Veracruz, Mexico to the IATA code

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