Jambo (board game)

Game of the Year 2005: nominated German Games Award 2005: 8th à la carte Card Game Award 2005: 1st place Swiss Award 2005 Games Strategy Games: 3rd place International Gamers Award 2005: 2-player Finalist

Jambo is a card game by Rüdiger Dorn, published in Kosmos Verlag, 2004. It is 12 years and for 2 players according to publisher information and takes about 40 minutes.

Naming and action

" Jambo " means " hello" in Swahili, centuries ago so the traders in Africa to each other have welcomed. The players take on the role of traders who collect by skilful trade possible and using special cards gold. The winner is able to generate the first 60 gold pieces.

Game play

Heart of the game is the market status of each player for one of a pool of buying goods and - of course with profit - can sell the goods again. The game is turn-based, where, in each round has 5 action points available. Playing a merchandise card for example, costs one action point. However, are located in the deck more special cards as merchandise cards. So the game lives on that one is bought with this special card benefits or causes damage to the enemy. This is also a good balance between luck and tactics is given. While it does not affect which card you draw. However, by the playing of special cards in the best possible moment, you can also achieve tactical advantages.


At Jambo two extensions have been published, but they were not routed through the cosmos, but by 12spiel.de. The 2007 published the first extension contains 50 cards that can be divided into three independent modules incorporated into the base game and offer, among other things, an alternative way to win the game. A second, 60 card expansion has been available since the beginning of August 2009.

Success of the game

As can be seen in the adjacent information box, the game was nominated several times for games prices, but was once crowned with the 1st place. Nevertheless, the game sold well and the publisher advertises that it has already sold more than 40,000 times the game.