James Abercrombie (Congressman)

James Abercrombie ( born February 18, 1792 in Hancock County, Georgia; † July 2, 1861 in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida) was an American lawyer and politician ( Whig Party ).


James Abercrombie visited the community school. He moved to Alabama in 1812, where he first settled in Monroe (now Dallas ) County and then in 1819 in Montgomery County. During the British - American War he served as a corporal in Major F. Freeman's Squadron of the Georgia Cavalry. He studied law. Abercrombie was 1820-1822, 1824-1825 and again 1838-1839 Member of the House of Representatives from Alabama. In addition, he was 1825-1833 and again 1847-1850 Member of the Senate of Alabama. During this time he was a captain in the Alabama Militia and commanded the cavalry in 1825 at the welcome of General Lafayette. In addition, in 1834 he moved to Russell County. Abercrombie was elected to the 32th U.S. Congress, where he served from March 4, 1851 to March 3, 1855. He decided in 1854 to a renewed candidacy for the U.S. Congress. Then he moved to Florida in 1856, where he worked as a government brick supplier.

James Abercrombie died 1861 in Pensacola (Florida ), his body was transferred to Columbus (Georgia), where he was buried at the Linwood Cemetery.