James Clark (programmer)

James Clark ( born February 23, 1964 in London) is a British computer scientist and one of the leaders of the SGML / XML development. He was actively involved in the development of the ISO standard " DSSSL " and helped shape as an invited expert some W3C recommendations, including XSLT and XPath.

James Clark since 2004 as head of the open source division of the software Industry Promotion Agency ( SIPA ) works for the Thai Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

Open - source software

Since the late 1980s, Clark writes open source software. Among his best-known programs

  • Expat - XML parser
  • Groff - typesetting program
  • SP - SGML parser
  • XT - XSLT engine

Some of its programs are now being further developed by the open source community, for example as OpenJade.