James Dixon

James Dixon (* August 5, 1814 in Enfield, Hartford County, Connecticut, † March 27, 1873 in Hartford, Connecticut ) was an American politician who represented the state of Connecticut in both chambers of Congress and all three major political parties of his time belonged.

After secondary school visit Dixon took a law degree at Williams College in Williamstown (Massachusetts ), where he graduated in 1834. A little later he was accepted into the Bar Association and began working as a lawyer in his hometown.

The political career of James Dixon began with membership of the House of Representatives from Connecticut from 1837 to 1838; In 1837 he was there the Speaker. In 1844 he was re-elected to the chamber. In the meantime, he moved in 1839 to Hartford to. Originally belonged to the Whig party at Dixon, where he moved in 1845 to the House of Representatives of the United States. After four years he left the Congress for the first time in 1849.

In 1854, he sat for another term in Parliament from Connecticut. In the same year he was defeated in an attempt to be elected to the U.S. Senate; which it is transmitted candidacy as governor of Connecticut, he refused meanwhile. It was only in 1856 succeeded the now- exchanged to the Republicans Dixon to win a Senate seat. This he held on 4 March 1857 to 3 March 1869. During this time he was chairman of the Senate committee to monitor expenditure; He also was a member of the Committees on the District of Columbia and to postal matters. In 1868, he missed the re-election; In the same year also failed his renewed candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives. This time he came into office as a Democrat.

1869 James Dixon was the U.S. Ambassador to Russia are appointed, but he refused. He chose to pursue his literary interests and to travel a lot.