James Edward Smith

Sir James Edward Smith ( born December 2, 1759 in Norwich, † March 17, 1828 ) was a British botanist and founder of the Linnean Society of London. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Sm ".

Life and work

Smith began his study of medicine in 1777 at Edinburgh University, where he also heard Botany from 1781 with John Hope ( 1725-1786 ). He worked from 1783 as a doctor in London, where he continued his botanical studies at the university. There his teacher John Hunter and William Pitcairn (1711-1791) were.

Smith founded the Linnaean Society with Joseph Banks; he bought Linnaeus's herbarium, including his library, manuscripts and other collections. Smith was elected the first President of the Linnaean Society of London and had that position until his death. He gained many contributions to the systematic botany, especially to the English Flora, and also made a botanical journey through Holland, France and Italy. From 1796, he lived again in Norwich.

To him, the genus Smithia Aiton of the plant family Leguminosae ( Fabaceae ) was named in honor.


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