James Edwin Belser

James Edwin Belser ( born December 22, 1805 in Charleston, South Carolina; † 16 January 1859 in Montgomery, Alabama) was an American lawyer and politician (Democratic Party).


James Edwin Belser attended a public school until 1820. At that time his family moved to Sumter District ( South Carolina), where he further taught a private tutor. Belser moved to Alabama in 1825 and settled in Montgomery. He studied law and began after his admission to the lawyer there to practice. In the following time he was elected Clerk of the District Court. He was in 1828 a member of the House of Representatives from Alabama. In addition, he was appointed in the same year for Solicitor in Montgomery County, a position to which he was elected later. He also issue several years the Planters Gazette out. Governor Fitzpatrick then appointed him in 1842 to a Commissioner who should provide a balance to the federal government for the money that was advanced to her during the Indian war of 1836. Belser was elected to the 28th U.S. Congress, where he served from March 4, 1843 to March 3, 1845. He declined in 1844 for reelection to the U.S. Congress from. Then he resumed his activities as a lawyer in Montgomery. Belser was 1848, the Whig party close. He was re-elected in 1853 and 1857 in the House of Representatives from Alabama.

James Edwin Belser died 1859 in Montgomery and was buried there in the Oakwood Cemetery.