James H. Clark

James H. Clark ( born March 23, 1944 in Plainview ( Texas)) is an entrepreneur in the IT and computer industry.


In 1982, James H. Clark with some graduates of Stanford University, the Silicon Graphics. The first graphics workstations from Silicon Graphics were ordinary terminals, but soon the company produced newer models, which constitute independent graphical workstations, running under the Unix operating system and had very powerful graphics hardware. The Unix derivative of Silicon Graphics is known under the name of IRIX.

In 1978, he co-developed with Edwin Catmull the Catmull-Clark algorithm, a process known as subdivision surfaces mathematical method for smoothing an organic surface structures in computer graphics.

In 1993, Clark along with Marc Andreessen, the Netscape Communications Corporation.

Clark was owner of the luxury yacht Hyperion, the first sailing ship, which can be controlled remotely via the Internet.