James Hamilton Peabody

James Hamilton Peabody ( born August 21, 1852 in Topsham, Orange County, Vermont, † November 23, 1917 in Cañon City, Colorado ) was an American politician ( Republican) and from 1903 to 1905 the 13th Governor of the State of Colorado.

Early years and political rise

James Peabody attended the public schools of his home. He then attended trade schools in Barre and Burlington. After moving to Colorado, he participated in 1875 in Cañon City at a grocery store. After he had married the daughter of the owner, he took over in 1882, the store from his father.

Between 1885 and 1889 Peabody worked at the district administration of Fremont County. He was also involved in the establishment of the First National Bank of Cañon City, whose president he became in 1891. He was also head of the local power utility of this city. In Cañon City, he was for two years treasurer, city council and mayor. In 1902 he was elected governor of his state, where he prevailed with 47:43 percent of the vote to Democrat E. C. Stimson.

Governor of Colorado

James Peabody took up his new post on 13 January 1903. His entire two-year term was overshadowed by labor disputes and strikes in the mining industry. It was about the content of the miners and the recognition of trade unions as representatives of workers. The governor sat in these disputes often the National Guard in order to restore tranquility in the country. Nevertheless, there was at times violent riots. In the conflicts of the governor stood on the side of the employer, which cost him reelection in 1904. Moreover, the workers were able to record a hit by the strikes by the eight-hour day could be enforced in mining.

The gubernatorial election in 1904 was under scandalous conditions. First, the former Governor Alva Adams was declared as a candidate of the Democratic Party to the election winner. This eliminated Peabody on January 10, 1905 to hold office. But the Republican majority in the Colorado General Assembly contested the election because of alleged election fraud. As it turned out later, this was committed by both sides. Adams was decided depose and Peabody should be for one day, 16 March 1905 again officiate as governor, before then the Office of the Lieutenant Governor candidate Jesse Fuller McDonald should be passed. This process had a negative connotation and damaged the reputation of Colorado.

After the end of his governorship to Peabody withdrew from politics. He returned to Cañon City and devoted himself to his various private interests. James Peabody died in November 1917., With his wife Frances Clelland he had four children.