James Iredell, Jr.

James Iredell, Jr. ( born November 2, 1788 in Chowan County, North Carolina, † April 13, 1853 ) was an American politician and 23rd Governor of North Carolina.

Early years

His father James Iredell was one of the first judges of the Supreme Court of the United States. Very early James Iredell lost his parents and was raised by his uncle, the former Governor Samuel Johnston after his father's death in 1799. He attended Edenton Academy and the College of New Jersey, later Princeton University. After studying law and qualifying as a lawyer, he opened a law office in Edenton. During the War of 1812 he was a captain ( Captain ). He helped with his unit in the defense of Norfolk in Virginia against the British.

Political rise

After his military service he decided to go into politics. In 1813 he was first elected to the House of Representatives from North Carolina. Following a political time-out in the years 1814 to 1815, he returned in 1816 to return to the Parliament and remained a deputy until 1828. Since 1817 he was also the President of the House ( Speaker) and 1819 he was also a judge at the Higher Regional Court ( Superior Court ).

Governor of North Carolina

In December 1827 he was elected as the successor of Hutchins Burton to the Governor by the House. Iredell was elected for a one-year term. On December 8, 1827 he took up his new post. He fought for the development of infrastructure. A particular focus here was transportation. On the eve of the railway age, he supported the construction of a test track from Campbellton to Fayetteville. This was a response to the then this week brought version of a horse-drawn railway. In addition, he campaigned for a further expansion of the educational system.

More career

After his time as governor of North Carolina, he was elected as a supporter of Andrew Jackson in the U.S. Senate. There he officiated between 1828 bis 1831st In 1836 and 1837 he was one of a commission revised the laws of North Carolina. He made his last public office as a clerk at the Supreme Court of North Carolina ( Supreme Court ). James Iredell died in April 1853. He was married to Frances Johnston Treadwell, with whom he had nine children.