James Keach

James Keach ( born December 7, 1947 in Savannah, Georgia ) is an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter.

Life and work

His brother is the actor Stacy Keach. James Keach was married from 1993 to 2013 to actress Jane Seymour, together they have two children. For James Keach, it is the third marriage. In 1999 he directed the TV movie " Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman " of the television series Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman ended. His wife he met on the set of the movie escape through the night know, but met her before food in the house of his brother. Keach made ​​several films with his wife in the leading role.

Keach began his career in the film business, first as an actor in the early 1970s. He was seen in both Fernhseh - as well as feature films. Overall, he was involved in more than 60 productions as an actor. In 1975, he was with the script to Sunburst his debut as a screenwriter. In 1989 he directed his first film with The Forgotten. As a director, he was still working for various television productions in the first place. Since 1980 he is also active as a film and television producer.

In 2006 he was nominated in the category Motion Picture Producer of the Year Award at the PGA Awards.

Filmography (selection)

As an actor

As a director,

As a producer,

As a screenwriter