James N. Burnes

James Nelson Burnes ( born August 22, 1827 Marion County, Indiana, † January 23, 1889 in Washington DC ) was an American politician. Between 1883 and 1889 he represented the State of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives.


In 1837, James Burnes moved with his parents in the Platte County, Missouri, where he attended the public schools. After a subsequent law degree from Harvard University and his 1853 was admitted as a lawyer, he began to work in this profession. 1856 Burnes was district attorney; 1868 to 1872, he served as a judge at a court of appeal. He also went into the banking industry and the railway business. In the meantime, he was president of the Missouri Valley Railroad Co., and owner and president of the company St. Joseph Water Works Co.

Politically, Burnes member of the Democratic Party. In the congressional elections of 1882, he was elected in the fourth electoral district of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, where he became the successor of Lowndes Henry Davis on March 4, 1883, who moved into the 14th district. After two re- elections he could remain until his death on January 23, 1889 in Congress. Burnes was also confirmed in the elections of 1888. Due to his death, he could not take up his renewed mandate on March 4, 1889. The current term until March 3, 1889 ended Charles F. Booher between February 19 and March 3, 1889.