James Stirling (Royal Navy officer)

Sir James Stirling ( born January 28, 1791 in Drumpellier, Lanarkshire, Scotland, † April 22, 1865 in Surrey ) was a British naval officer and colonial administrator. He became the first Governor of Western Australia.


James Stirling was the fifth son of Andrew Stirling, Esq., From Drumpellier, Lanarkshire, Scotland. His mother was the daughter of Sir Walter Stirling. He came in early youth into the Royal Navy and participated in the war against France and as captain of the HMS Brazen against America part. Seven years from 1 June 1829 he was Governor and Commander in Western Australia until 30 September 1832 again from August 1834 to December 1838. After his return to England he was knighted. Later he was commander in chief in China and 1852 for a few weeks Lord of the Admiralty.