James Westphal

James A. Westphal ( born June 13, 1930 in Dubuque, † September 8, 2004 in Altadena ) was an American astronomer and geologist and led, among others, the team that produced the first camera for the Hubble Space Telescope.

In 1954 he finished his studies in physics at the University of Tulsa with a bachelor's degree. In 1961, he came as a senior engineer at the California Institute of Technology. He was an associate professor of planetary sciences in 1971 and in 1976 professor.

1973 Westphal developed a highly sensitive camera for the 200 -inch Hale telescope, which was once sensitive to light at that time 20 as a normal movie. This camera is now in the National Air and Space Museum.

Westphal invented and developed a variety of cameras, such as a small camera that you can put in a geyser or volcano or even cameras that can withstand extreme pressure in the deep sea. He died at the age of 74 of complications from Alzheimer's.