James William Marshall

James William Marshall ( born August 14, 1822 in Wilson, Clarke County, Virginia; † February 5, 1910 in Washington DC ) was an American politician ( Republican) of the Cabinet of President Ulysses S. Grant for a short time Office of the U.S. Postmaster General held.

Marshall made ​​in 1848 graduated at Dickinson College in Carlisle and remained in consequence there also worked as a lecturer. In 1861 he was at the University associate professor of ancient languages ​​. Until 1861 he worked as Head of the Department at Dickinson College.

In that year he was appointed Consul of the United States in Leeds, England, where he remained until 1865. 1869 Marshall was then deputy postmaster general under Prime Minister John A. J. Creswell. After his resignation in June 1874, President Grant Marshall acting as ambassador to Russia Jewell nominated as his successor. Since his return to America was delayed, James Marshall exercised the office of Postmaster-General of as an interim solution between 3 July and Jewells Appointed on 24 August 1874. Then he returned to his duties as deputy minister.

Shortly before the end of the term of President Grant took over Marshall nor the line items of the Railway Mail Service ( Railway Mail Service). He died in 1910 in Washington.