Jamey Aebersold

Jamey Aebersold ( Wilton Jameson Aebersold, born July 21, 1939 in New Albany / Indiana) is an American jazz saxophonist who has emerged primarily as a jazz educator.

Life and work

Aebersold studied until 1962 at the Indiana University (MA as a saxophonist ). He played recordings as an alto saxophonist, bassist and pianist and ran his own record label. He became internationally known mainly as a teacher. In particular, his resulting 1967 series of "Play - A-Long " teaching stapling, coupled with an associated audio recordings, apply in the field of mainstream jazz internationally as an important medium in jazz pedagogy. He published a series of more than a hundred teaching books and CDs for improvisation, which included the one hand, well-known and important standards of jazz, but on the other hand, only individual jazz musicians and their original compositions are dedicated. Furthermore, there are some books that only music theory devoted to ( dial indicator, major & minor, 2 -5- 1 compounds, odd time signatures, all with play combo). A peculiarity of the titles produced is that bass and piano were recorded exclusively on one channel, while the drums sound in the middle, so that bass players and pianists can shoot their own instrument using pan controls mute. The recordings do not contain full versions with solo melody, but only the accompaniment to the melody (ie, for Bb, Eb and sounding in treble and bass clef ) is reprinted in the major required for the Jazz transpositions.

For more than thirty years Aebersold Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops organized his, among other things, took place in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, England, Scotland, Denmark and Canada. He also teaches improvisation at the University of Louisville.

Aebersold 1989 was inducted into the Association of Jazz Educators Hall of Fame in 1992 and received an honorary doctorate from Indiana University. As announced in June 2013, he is the 2014 NEA Jazz Masters Fellowship will receive America's highest honor for a jazz musician.