Jan Svatopluk Presl

Svatopluk Presl January ( born October 4, 1791 in Prague, † April 6, 1849 ibid ) was Czech professor of zoology and mineralogy, and one of the most important scientists of the 19th century. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " J.Presl ".


Presl studied at the Prague School of Piaristen, later medicine. However, he never opened a practice, but became an assistant of zoology and mineralogy. In 1818 he worked for two years in Olomouc, then returned to Prague and held for a further 28 years lecturing at the University of Prague.

He was co-founder of the Czech terminology of many scientific areas but especially mineralogy, chemistry, zoology and botany. He led a double words for the description of inorganic compounds and different oxidation number with the help of suffixes. However, not all of its terminologies could hold. His works were later Vojtěch Šafařík, Alexandr Summer Batek (1874-1944) and Emil Votoček supplemented or revised.

Presl was also an avid patriot. He belonged to the group of Czech National Revival by Josef Jungmann and planned with these fatherland trailers, the establishment of the National Museum. In 1821 he founded the first Czech published scientific journal Krok. In 1848 he was one of the delegates of the Slavonic Assembly.


He and his brother Charles Bořiwog Presl (1794-1852) in honor of the genus Preslia Opiz the plant family Lamiaceae was named ( Lamiaceae).

Also appearing since 1914 Preslia magazine is named after them.


  • Flora Čechica (1819, co-author) - the first finished, complete, systematically worked Herbitarium containing 1498 species.
  • Mantissa I. ad Floram Čechicam (1822, Supplement )
  • Lučba čili chemistry zkusná (1828-1835, Font Book )
  • Nerostopis čili Mineralogy (1837 )