Jane (German band)

Jane is a German rock band from Hannover and one of the most famous bands in the genre of Krautrock. It was founded in 1970 and is still active.

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Band History

In 1965 two school bands, the band The JP's who released a single in 1968 and disbanded. For the last formation Werner Nadolny was joined by (keyboard). From then used the band with the musicians Klaus Hess ( guitar), Peter Panka ( drums, vocals ), Werner Nadolny and Charly Maucher ( bass and vocals ) the name Jane. The first performance took place in Hannover on December 5, 1970.

Beginning of the year 1971, singer Bernd Pulst to the band. For future releases Günter Körber served as producer. The first album came out in 1972 Together with the German rock label Brain ( Metronome). For the recording of the album Here We Are 1973 due to illness participated neither Pulst still Maucher. Bass played Wolfgang Krantz ( formerly The JP's ).

The album Jane III (1974 ) was recorded without organ accompaniment, as Nadolny had gotten out of the band. The vocals came in large part from Maucher. The following years were marked by numerous member changes. Constant members were only Klaus Hess and Peter Panka. In 1976, the band on the concept album Fire, Water, Earth and Air and 1977 Between Heaven and Hell. In August 1977, the band for 300,000 albums sold the Golden Brain label and 1978 for 100,000 sales of the plate Jane Live at Home got a silver record. From the early 1980s decreased sales; the band but continued to publish albums and went on tour. 1992 there was a reunion of the original line- parts with Klaus Hess, Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny and Jens Dettmer, and after a tour of Germany we went to New Zealand. Again there was a dispute, and they separated. In the meantime, there were two bands with the name " Jane ", which led to aberrations and confusions.

Name dispute

Both Peter Panka and Klaus Hess claimed the band name Jane for themselves. Due to the naming dispute, a judicial comparison on 6 September 1994, before the Civil Chamber of the Landgericht Hannover concluded that the results from the original formation Jane bands allowed to call only with " additional name " Jane. The bands were henceforth only by the name of additives such as Peter Panka 's Jane, Lady Jane and Klaus Hess ' Jane or Motherjane occur.

Further development

2004 saw the band (Peter Panka 's Jane ) on Rockpalast. In the fall of 2006, the band toured Germany and Switzerland, and released the album Voices, published in the own label, cool & easy records.

In early 2007 the band consisted of Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Charly Maucher and Klaus Walz, who had previously played in the German band epitaph. Peter Panka died on 28 June 2007 after a cancer. At his request, the tape should be continued. Walz, Maucher Nadolny and drummer Fritz Randow therefore committed ( Eloy, Epitaph ) and the guitarist and singer Arndt Schulz ( Harlis ).

In early 2008, Werner Nadolny was after in-band disagreement by Wolfgang Krantz, who has been involved in the Jane - albums Here We Are and Jane III, replaced. He founded the same year, 2008, the band Werner Nadolny's Jane. Since then, the three formations Jane, who all live concerts and release CDs or DVDs exist:

  • Peter Panka 's Jane
  • Mother Jane
  • Werner Nadolny 's Jane



  • Together ( 1972)
  • Here we Are ( 1973)
  • Jane III (1974)
  • Lady ( 1975)
  • Fire, Water, Earth & Air ( 1976)
  • Between Heaven and Hell ( 1977)
  • Age of Madness ( 1978)
  • No Sign. 9 (1979)
  • Jane (1980)
  • Germania (1982 )
  • Beautiful Lady (1986 )
  • Jane live '88 (1989 )
  • Jane live '89 (1990 )
  • Resurrection ( 1996) Peter Panka 's Jane
  • Back again (2000 ) Lady Jane
  • Mother Jane comes alive (2000) Klaus Hess ' Mother Jane
  • Genuine (2002)
  • Live 2002 (2002) Peter Panka 's Jane
  • Shine on (2003) Peter Panka 's Jane
  • Voices (2006) Peter Panka 's Jane
  • Voices revised edition (2007) Peter Panka 's Jane
  • Tribute to Peter Panka DVD of the concert in Hannover 2007, publication in May 2008
  • Proceed with Memories ( 2009) Werner Nadolny 's Jane
  • In Dreams (2009) Klaus Hess ' Mother Jane
  • Traces (2009) Peter Panka 's Jane
  • Inside the cave DVD ( 2010) Peter Panka 's Jane
  • Klaus Hess ' Mother Jane (2010) Hungry 4 Live Part I
  • Klaus Hess ' Mother Jane (2010) Hungry 4 Live Part II
  • The Journey - Best of Jane (2010) Werner Nadolny 's Jane
  • Eternity (2011) Werner Nadolny 's Jane
  • Live at home again - Live Fährmannsfest 2011 DVD Werner Nadolny 's Jane
  • Kuxan suum (2011) Peter Panka 's Jane
  • Werner Nadolny reads the Jane Story (Audio Book ) (2012 )
  • Werner Nadolny 's Jane - Broken Harmony Maxi - CD ( 2012)
  • Werner Nadolny 's Jane - Stopover (2013 )


  • Daytime (1972 )
  • Here we are (1973 )
  • Bambule Skirt ( 1974)
  • Age of Madness ( 1978)
  • Love Song (1978 )
  • Beautiful Lady ( Maxi -Single) (1986 )
  • Together we stand ( Mother Jane ) ( 1998)