Jane Sutherland

Jane Sutherland ( born December 26, 1853 in New York, United States, † July 25, 1928 in Melbourne, Australia) was an Australian landscape painter and pioneer of plein-air painting movement in Australia. She was also known as a champion to advance the professional reputation of women in art.


Sutherland was born in New York, the daughter of Scottish parents. The family immigrated in 1864 to Sydney and moved to Melbourne in 1870. Her father, George taught drawing in the Ministry of Education and presented his own work by the Victorian Academy of Arts from. Unlike her brothers, Alexander, George and William Jane pursued an artistic career.

Jane studied at the National Gallery School of Design, where she studied painting by renowned Australian artists such as Frederick McCubbin, Eugene von Guerard and George Folingsby. From 1878, she exhibited at the Victorian Academy of Arts, then with the Australian Artists 'Association and the Victorian Artists' Society ( from 1888 ) to 1911. From 1888, she shared a studio with Clara Southern and Jane Price. In 1884 she was one of the first women member of the Buonarroti Society, and in 1900, she and May Vale elected as the first women members of the Council of the Victorian Artists' Society.

Sutherland was the leading female artist in the group of painters from Melbourne who worked outside the studio. With her ​​male contemporaries of the Heidelberg School, she took plein air painting characters tours to the outlying rural areas of Alphington, Templestowe and Box Hill. Approximately 1904 Sutherland suffered a stroke. From there, they had to rely on mobility to her brother William the help. After his death in 1911 went out her artistic career.