Janet Reno

Janet Reno ( born July 21, 1938 in Miami, Florida) is an American lawyer and politician (Democratic Party). She was the 78th Attorney General of the United States (1993-2001 ) and the first woman in that position.


Janet Reno was the daughter of Danish immigrant Henry Reno (surname renamed from Rasmussen ) and the American Jane Wood born. Both her ​​father and her mother were reporter for two newspapers in Miami. Reno has three younger siblings.

After attending school in Coral Gables, she moved to Cornell University in upstate New York. There she studied chemistry, until she moved to Harvard in 1960. Until then, she was one of only 16 women in the legal renowned faculty. She received the Bachelor of Laws in 1963.

In 1971 she was appointed to the House of Representatives from Florida, where she worked as a staff director of the Judiciary Committee until 1973. From 1973 she worked in the public prosecutor in Miami -Dade County Office until she moved to a private firm in 1976. In 1978 she returned as a prosecutor after Dade County, where she was re-elected four times.

On 11 February 1993, Reno was nominated by U.S. President Bill Clinton for the office of Attorney General and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on March 11. The previously nominated by Clinton for President Women Zoë Baird and Kimba Wood, the Senate had refused to confirm, after it became known that they had illegal immigrants working as a nanny in the household ( see Nanny Gate).

Reno remained during the entire Clinton administration Attorney General and thus had a longer tenure than most of their colleagues in the U.S. Cabinet. In her time as a federal prosecutor, the events in Waco, Texas fell in 1993, the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City as well as the Lewinsky affair.