Janko Ravnik

Janko Ravnik ( born March 7, 1891 in Bohinj Bistrica, † September 2, 1981 in Ljubljana) was a Yugoslav pianist, composer, professor and film director.

Ravnik studied after an organ training at Anton Foerster and Vida Prelesnik - Talichova at the organ school and the Glazbena Matica 1911-1915 at the Prague Conservatory piano with Josef Jiranek. After his return he became coach and conductor at the Opera Ljubljana.

From 1919 to 1939 he was professor of piano at the Conservatory of Ljubljana, thereafter until 1968 at the Music Academy. His pupils included pianists such as Pavel Šivic, Hilda Horak and Zdenko Novak. In addition to piano works and songs Ravnik also composed church music, including a Requiem, which was premiered only a quarter of a century after the composer's death in 2007.

In addition Ravnik realized as a director, cameraman and producer, the first Slovenian movies, 1929 Odkritje Napoleonovega spomenika v Ljubljani ( The unveiling of the monument to Napoleon in Ljubljana) and 1931 V kraljestvu Zlatoroga ( In the Kingdom of Zlatorog ).