Japa (. Sanskrit, m, जप, japa, of whisper, murmur; Pali, the murmur, the murmur, murmur of japati = whisper ) is loud, soft or even gedankliches repeating a mantra, prayer, God's name, or recitation of holy writings. It is a term from Hinduism. However, Japa is also practiced in Sikhism and Buddhism.

Japa can with the help of a rosary -like chain also Mala or Japamala called, are practiced. In connection with Japa Japa Yoga or even of mantra - yoga is the speech. This is understood as a form of meditation for the purpose of realization of God, in which the repetition of sacred syllables or mantras play a role. Japa may also be practiced during the activity, such as during routine work, or sitting during meditation. Under Ajapa Japa is defined as a form of constant Japa - exercise, in which the repetition occurs automatically and effortlessly. It is a form of constant awareness. Sometimes this form of constant awareness is also linked to the breath. Provided the Japa refers to the repetition of divine names or attributes are also referred to Nama Japa. This belongs to the phenomenological practice of prayer names.