Japan Air System

Tokyo -Haneda, Osaka - Itami

Japan Air System (Japanese日本 エア システム, Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Ea Shisutemu ), abbreviated JAS, the third largest Japanese airline was based in Tokyo and based on the Tokyo International Airport. In 2002 it merged with Japan Airlines.


On May 15, 1971 was the first Japanese domestic airline Toa Domestic Airlines (Jap.东 亜 国内 航空Toa Kokunai koku ), abbreviated TDA, through the merger of Toa Airways (Japanese Koku Toa东 亜 航空) and Japan Airlines Domestic (Japanese日本 国内 航空Nihon koku Kokunai ). fleet consisted initially of Boeing 727-100 and NAMC YS -11, 1974 were primarily Douglas DC-9 used in several variants. From 1981 to 1987 eleven Airbus A300B2 were added.

In 1983, the Japan Air Commuter was founded as a subsidiary.

Toa Domestic Airlines was finally reorganized system in the wake of the opening of international routes to Japan Air April 1, 1988. For this purpose, two were bought McDonnell Douglas DC -10-30 as well as 12 Airbus A300- 600R. The fleet was later supplemented by other machines, including seven Boeing 777-200.

To October 2, 2002 merged with Japan Air System Japan Airlines and went on in this.


In the course of its existence, Japan Air operating system, the following aircraft:

Number / aircraft type / operating time / TDA or JAS