Japheth, Japheth or Japheth (Hebrew יפת, latin Iafeth, Arabic Yafet Ibn Nuh [ Japheth, son of Noah ] ) is one of the three sons of Noah in the Old Testament. According to the Bible, he is one of the eight survivors of the flood.

The Old Testament Bible formulated in the table of nations in Genesis an original theory for all the nations that can be derived only by the survivors due to the flood disaster. Japheth is the role of the ancestor of the nations north of Israel assigned.

Genesis 10.2 EU and 1 Chr 1.5 EU and other bodies shall carry on as children of Japheth:

Equating the descendants of Japheth with various ancient peoples is controversial and is discussed under the respective lemma.

Japheth also was considered in the 19th century as the forefather of Jafetiten in Europe, Asia Minor and the Caucasus. However, this is a now obsolete theory of linguistics.

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