Jason (rocket)

The Argo E-5 was a five-stage sounding rocket, which was specially developed by Aerolab for the U.S. Air Force. It was used for measurement of the radiation after the atomic bomb explosions at altitudes of 700-800 km. The U.S. Air Force, she launched in 1958 a total of 22 times under the name of Jason, to measure the effects before and after the Argus - Test series.

The launches took place between 11 July and 2 September 1958 by the Cape Canaveral AFS and the Ramey AFB. 19 of 22 starts were nuclear monitoring missions were carried out in connection with Operation Argus.


The first stage was taken over by the Honest John rocket. The second and third stages were each Nike stage. The fourth stage was a Recruit, the finale was a Thiokol T -55. For later missions, the four-stage Javelin was used.