Java Development Kit

The Java Development Kit ( JDK) of the company Oracle - formerly of Sun Microsystems - is one of the most used by Java developers Java SDKs.

In November 2006, Sun announced that the JDK under the GNU General Public License ( GPL) is published. Now a customized free version will continue as it is now official successor under the name of OpenJDK.


The JDK includes not only the runtime Java Runtime Environment ( JRE), the following Java development tools:

Java compiler

Java documentation tool

The software documentation tool generates Javadoc from the Java source code program documentation as an HTML hypertext. In addition to structural information and comments are taken into account.

Java Archiver

The jar program creates Java archive (called JAR files). These are specific ZIP files in which Java classes are grouped into distributable units. The tool has a similar command-line syntax as the familiar Unix tar program, but also enables the direct manipulation of the " manifest file " contained therein. In the JAR archive, all. Class files, graphics, text files and other files, so for example, everything that a Java application needs, packed together into a single file, the JAR archive.

Utility for signing JAR files

The jarsigner tool is included for signing Java applications and libraries as well as the signature verification in the JDK.

Tools for Applets

Java Applet Viewer

The appletviewer is a very simple browser that displays only the information contained in an HTML document Java applets each in its own window. This program can be used to test applets quickly and easily during programming.

Java Plug-in HTML Converter

The html converter is an interactive program that allows the formerly common tags in tags can be transformed. Such tags are expected by browsers that are equipped with the Java plug-in that is part of the Java runtime environment JRE.

Supported Platforms

For the following platforms the current JDK from Oracle is provided directly:

  • Windows 32bit and AMD64
  • Solaris SPARC and x86
  • Linux ( Sun JDK 1.4.2) 32bit, AMD64 and IA64
  • Solaris AMD64

For other platforms, the JDK is usually supplied from months to years later and most directly by the manufacturer of the platform. So the JDK 1.6 is installed directly from the system level, for example in Apple Mac OS X from Java 1.7 this is, however, provided by Oracle.

For SAP systems, the Java JDK is now available directly from SAP. Currently, there are versions of the SAP JVM 4.1 (Java 1.4), SAP JVM 5 ( Java 5 ) and SAP JVM 6 ( Java 6 ) for all SAP supported platforms. This was primarily due to additional support services for Java 1.4 (now with SAP JVM 4.1) which must be guaranteed by the SAP Business Suite 2020.


The JDK can be downloaded both separately and in conjunction with the Java IDE NetBeans. It is part of the implementation of the Java Platform Standard Edition, which also defines, among other things, which are class libraries available to the developer.