Javine Hylton

Javine, actually Javine Dionne Hylton (* December 27, 1981 in London) is a British singer.

Early years

Musical experience gained Javine when she two years the role of Nala in the musical play The Lion King in London's West End. She announced to join around 2002 on the second season of the British edition of the talent show Popstars. You made ​​it through to the final six and failed only at the final hurdle, which would have made them one of the five singers of later successful girl group Girls Aloud.

First studio recordings

In summer 2003, released their first single Javine Real Things, which they reached the fourth place in the British charts. Three more singles followed, which also reached the Top 20. In the summer of 2004 came their first album under the title Surrender. Although she worked with successful composers such as Eg White, the CD only reached number 73 in the album charts, prompting her record label parted from her late 2004.

Participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest

With the song Touch My Fire, which she co-wrote with John Themis, Javine in 2005 he took on Making Your Mind Up, the UK's preliminary decision to the Euro Vision Song Contest. She could against four other candidates, including the hochfavorisierte Katie Price, prevail. As she recited her winning song again, slipped her dress so that her bare chest was on TV to see what caused the British media for a large outcry. When Euro Vision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev she had little success: With only 18 points, it was ranked 22 among 24 participants, although they had good odds of 33/1 before the competition. Later she said she could not provide optimal vocal performance because of a sore throat.

After the competition

In 2006 she took part in the celebrity sports show The Games, which she also won. With their competitors in the show Michael Harvey, who was married at this time with Alesha Dixon, she began an affair. In February 2008, the two got a daughter. In 2006, she also brought in collaboration with Soul Avengerz out the single Do not Let the Morning Come. The same year, her driver's license was revoked for driving under the influence of alcohol for 18 months.