Jawbreaker (Band)

Jawbreaker was an American punk band that was formed in the late 1980s at New York University and later was active especially in California. The group is considered to be extremely influential, especially for bands from the emocore area.

Band History

The high- school friends Blake Schwarzenbach and Adam Pfahler, who had already played at school in Santa Monica together in a band, met while studying in New York in 1986 with bassist Chris Bauermeister, who had sought by Flyer by people with whom he could start a band. After the group had rehearsed for a while under different names and with another singer (Jon Liu ) and a first demo was recorded, was formed in 1988, as Schwarzenbach had replaced the departed singer, Jawbreaker in the final cast. This year, the band sent their song Shield Your Eyes at a radio station in Los Angeles, who actually played it, so that the attention of the independent label Shredder Records was excited, where in 1989 a Jawbreaker song was released as part of a compilation for the first time. This year, the band played their first concerts and recorded more tracks. Was published in 1990 with Unfun the first album of the band. The following concerts, the band shared the stage with, among others, Samiam and Fuel. End of the year, the band members took a break that lasted until the summer of 1991. During this time they finished their university careers.

With Bivouac was released in 1992, the second album of the group. Then Jawbreaker played its first European tour. In 1993 she took with Steve Albini on her third album, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy; This year, Schwarzenbach was heard as a guest on a Screeching Weasel album, and Jawbreaker played the opening act for Nirvana, which led to Selloutvorwürfen by fans. These were even louder than the group in 1994, despite previously bekundeter contempt for the major labels a contract signed with Geffen Records. There appeared 1995 Dear You, the last regular album the group in 1996, after years of extensive touring, which had also led to various health problems of the band members, broke up. In the last year of her career Jawbreaker were on a world tour, which had led among other things to Australia, been to see the opening act the Foo Fighters.

After Jawbreaker

Singer Blake Schwarzenbach founded shortly after the breakup with Chris Daly of Texas Is the Reason and bassist Jeremy Chatelain, the band Jets to Brazil. The band's own label Blackball Records, which is run by Adam Pfahler, published several posthumous Jawbreaker plates, including a live album. Bauermeister took his academic career back on.

In 2003, a tribute album for Jawbreaker on which tried to songs of the group, among others, Face to Face, Nerf Herder, Kill Your Idols, Sparta, Fall Out Boy and Bigwig. 2004 Jawbreaker were represented with a live version of their song Chesterfield King on the second part of the Rock Against Bush series.


Studio albums

Live albums


  • 2002: Etc. ( Blackball Records)