The Yavne (Hebrew יבנה ) was a Jewish Reform Real Gymnasium in Cologne.


The school was named after the place Yavneh, to lead near Tel Aviv, in which the Jewish Sanhedrin, the Sanhedrin, tried after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, the Jewish traditions with a Gelehrtenschule on.


The Yavneh in Cologne was the first and only secondary Jewish school in the Rhineland.

It was founded in 1919 by Rabbi of the Orthodox exit Adass Jeshurun ​​, Emanuel Carlebach ( 1874-1927 ), brother of Leipzig Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach founded in 1925 and recognized by the state. In the late 1920s it was attended by over 400 Jewish students. The long-standing and last head of Yavneh, Director of Studies Dr. Erich Klibansky, recognized the Nazi threat early. He responded with amplification of the English and Neuhebräischunterrichts to prepare its students for life outside of Germany. In 1933 he formulated illusions: "In which school I send my child? This question is decided today. You can not throw, we should not even into the back ghetto, because the spin-off process of the German people towards us Jews is in full swing. " Erich Klibansky and his college planned after 1938, resettle the entire school in England, and organized to the Kindertransport. The departure, by rail and ship, was allowed to be carried out without being accompanied by their parents. It thus they managed to have some of their students to leave for England. At least 130 Jewish children from Cologne were able to survive. After the outbreak of the Second World War, this was no longer possible. Klibansky, his family and the remaining students were in 1942 with over 1000 other Cologne Jews had been deported in the near Minsk and murdered without exception.


In Cologne learning and remembrance Yavneh, which is located on the site of the destroyed Jewish High School, is remembered in exhibitions on the history of the school. Currently, there is conceived by the historian Cordula Lissner exhibition " The kids next door in the schoolyard " shown. The former schoolyard could be named thanks persistent efforts of citizens of Cologne in 1990 Erich Klibansky Square. On the small square a monument with the names of the murdered was of a surviving students with the lion fountain designed. In November 2008, the initiative with the price Active for Democracy and Tolerance was honored, awarded in December 2009 with the Cologne Bilz Prize Cologne Bilz Foundation. The preservation of the memorial was endangered in 2009 because the used rooms should no longer have to be left free from the landlord, but the club should pay a " commercial rent". The many protests against it were successful: in early 2010, there was an amicable settlement, the Yavne received a permanent existence warranty.

The memorial is managed by a working group of about 20 members in conjunction with the EL - DE-Haus. The Rhineland Regional Council honored this commitment: On September 10, 2013, gave the two long-time employees Yavneh Dr. Ursula Reuter and Adrian Cartwright representative of the employees of the Working Group 's Rhineland dollars.