JAWSAT ( Joint Air Force Academy - Weber State University Satellite, also OSCAR 39 ) was a jointly built by Weber State University and the United States Air Force Academy American satellite.

The satellite was launched on 27 January 2000 3:03 UTC clock (January 26 local time ) with a Minotaur I rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base. The satellite was used as a multi- payload adapter for nano-satellites Falconsat 1, ASUSat, OCS and OPAL ( Orbiting Picosat Automatic Launcher ) with OPAL turn the pico Picosat 1-6 had with him. All satellites were successfully exposed to 13-16 minutes after the start, with JAWSAT was still connected to the fourth stage of the Minotaur. JAWSAT finally broke up 19 minutes after the start of the advanced level.

As payload remained after the suspension of nano-satellites of the plasma experiment Satellite Test ( PEST ) of the Marshall Space Flight Center of NASA and the Attitude Controlled Platform ( ACP) of Weber State University JAWSAT.

He was equipped with amateur radio stations for the 70 cm band and the 13- cm band, however, could not be activated. All payloads have been successfully exposed. After the successful launch of the satellite was the OSCAR number 39 assigned and was also called Weber- OSCAR 39 and WO- 39.

His COSPAR designation 2000 - 004A.