Jayne Gackenbach

Jayne Gackenbach ( born May 24, 1946) is a writer, researcher and a pioneer in the field of lucid dreams.

In 1978 she put her Ph. D. in experimental psychology from. Topic of the dissertation was A Personality and Cognitive Style Analysis of Lucid Dreaming. Prior to emigrating to Canada in the 1990s, she pursued an academic career eleven years, especially at the University of Northern Iowa.

Jayne Gackenbach was 1988 and 1989 President of the Association for the Study of Dreams, 1981-1993 Director of the Lucidity Association, and editor ( senior editor ) of Lucidity Letter 1981-1990. You have at this time a large number of publications, mostly on the subject of dreams and higher levels of consciousness, written and published.

After many years of research in the area of the clear dream she has moved a few years ago to the field of network-based communication. Currently she is a member of the Faculty of Art and Science of Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton ( Canada ) and part-time teacher at the Athabasca University (Canada ) and the Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco.


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