Jazz Journal

Jazz Journal ( until April 1979 Jazz Journal, then for several decades Jazz Journal International ) is a monthly British jazz magazine, published since 1948 and one of the oldest still appearing jazz magazines at all. Is based in Loughton in Essex ( the publisher Jazz Journal Limited). One focus is on mainstream jazz. Since 2009, the journal is associated with Jazz Review.

It was founded in May 1948 by Sinclair Traill (died 1981), who previously 1946-1948 co-editor of the magazine: was " Pick Up The Record Collector's Guide ". 1960 took over Decca Records shares they sold in 1970 to the publisher Novello Publishing, who in turn passed it on to 1977 Billboard UK and were eventually taken over by the publisher Pitmans. 1982 From that took over the former Pitman Manager ( and in the 1950s even jazz musicians clarinet and saxophone) Eddie Cook ( born 1928 ), the newspaper when Pitman retired as part of his severance from the publishing business. He has since been the editor.

Initially, the magazine had its editorial offices on the London jazz club The Canteen.

In 2009 the magazine briefly ( latest edition February 2009) the publication of a. Occasion, according to the publisher Eddie Cook was his wife's death. The magazine was but then picked up by another publisher and combined with Jazz Review and appeared under the same name Jazz Journal International. Jazz Review was founded in 1998 by renowned jazz writer Richard Cook and Roger Spence of the Artists Agency DirectMusic. After the death of Cook in 2007, it was half a year without a chief editor, then took over 2008 Brian Morton short time the editorship and since April 2009, the previous co-editor Mark Gilbert. DirectMusic is no longer involved.