JBoss (company)

JBoss Inc. is a Red Hat -owned company that coordinates the development of the software around the JBoss Application Server ( wildfly ) and provides services to it. The term JBoss is still used to describe both the company as well as its most famous product, the JBoss Application Server, used.

JBoss is one of the pioneers of the " professional open source " business model and derives its revenues primarily through the sale of services around the open source product.


The term was first used EJBoss 1999 by Marc Fleury as the name of the first version of the programmed him open-source application server. Following instructions from Sun with respect to the protected term " EJB ", the project has simply omitted the leading "E" and renamed to JBoss.

In 2001, founded Marc Fleury, JBoss Group ( LLC), which eventually went the JBoss Inc.. Mid-2006 was finally JBoss Inc. by the Linux distributor Red Hat acquired for a sum of 420 million dollars.


The various JBoss applications to create a complete open-source J2EE middleware framework represents the platform is composed of the following sub-projects, which can be used also for the most part independent of the Application Server:

  • Wildfly Application Server (formerly JBoss Application Server)
  • Apache Tomcat
  • JBoss jBPM
  • JBoss Cache
  • JBoss Eclipse IDE
  • JBoss Portal
  • JBoss Drools ( originally known as JBoss Rules and Drools )
  • Hibernate
  • JBoss Transaction

The JBoss components themselves based on other open-source components that are developed partially under the leadership of JBoss employees. On JBoss project developer of the following open source projects are involved:

JBoss can with very few exceptions, are downloaded for free (including source code ) and is licensed under the LGPL. Are financed products through the commercial services of the company JBoss:

  • Consulting
  • Training and certification and the
  • Optional JBoss Subscription, a fee-based service for technical services and support (the backend support is ensured by the developers themselves ).

Through the revenue from these services, many JBoss developer to be financed. So it is not, this is an open-source project of a large community, the jointly developed and without payment in their spare time. Although JBoss still has many community developers, the development is still largely determined by the Red Hat hired full-time developers promoted and coordinated. This approach is called by the developers " Professional Open Source".

As is common for many open source projects are available for the various JBoss subprojects publicly accessible documentation, newsgroups, FAQs, and discussion forums. In addition, there is within the JBoss Subscription closed forums where ready get more information.

The success of the JEMS Middleware in business critical environments, the company JBoss prompted to establish the JBoss partnership program. In this program different companies participate ( eg software houses, consulting firms, system integrators ) from various industrial sectors. Objective of the strategy is to penetrate the vertical markets better and to increase the rate of dissemination of JBoss products. Participation in the program requires several trained staff, which certify recurring.