Jean Djorkaeff

Jean Djorkaeff ( born October 27, 1939 in Charvieu / Isère ) is a French former football player and coach.

The club career

Jean Djorkaeff is the son of a Kalmyk Cossacks, who had served in the Guards of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and had gone after the October Revolution into exile in France. Initially played his son " Tchouki ," so jeans nickname, yet until his coach Lucien Jasseron at Olympique Lyon, where he stood in 1958 under contract, retrained as a means or winger him to full-back. The 1.73 m not very tall, linksfüßige Djorkaeff was technically shod, agile and nimble. Lyon, however, played in Division 1 in his first professional years, mostly against relegation; until 1963 the team reached at least to the French Cup final, the Lyon in the replay but lost and where the left-back was missing through injury. A year later, Lyon reached the finals again, this time Jean Djorkaeff played with and in the end he was able to celebrate his first title victory. In the autumn of 1964 he was also appointed to the national team for the first time.

From 1966 to 1970 he played at Olympique Marseille, but even there he came to a team that could never really play in those years around the French title. After all, Jean Djorkaeff won with OM in 1969 but the second time the Coupe de France. A year later he moved to second division side Paris Saint- Germain FC, ​​rose with this 1971 in the Division 1 and had to compete with the league team for the colors of Paris FC in 1972, because the two clubs from the capital only founded in 1970 just as could meet the Association requirement that every professional club had to also have a " base " of amateur and youth teams. In the summer of 1974, the Paris FC rose from the top division from again; so also ended the career of Jean Djorkaeffs.

Club stations

  • Olympique Lyonnais (1958-1966)
  • Olympique de Marseille (1966-1970)
  • Paris Saint- Germain FC (1970-1972, of which 1970/71 in D2)
  • Paris FC (1972-1974)

The National Players

Jean Djorkaeff 1964 and 1972 a total of 48 caps for the Équipe Tricolore completed between October and scored three goals in the process, in 24 games was also captain of the team. When, however, ended for France's Elf after the first round 1966 World Cup in England, he played in all three games.

His personal moving international appearances include the invitation by the Football Federation of USSR in farewell game for Lev Yashin in May 1971, in which the son of a Russian emigre was greeted by a crowd of 100,000 in Moscow with ovations.

Life after playing career

Djorkaeff has subsequently worked for several years as a coach, including at the ASOA Valence, an association of Armenian emigrants, and then at FC Grenoble; there he trained, among others, his son Youri, who later also - and with greater success than his father - was the French national team. Jean Djorkaeff then worked in various capacities with the Football Federation FFF; since 2000 is the two-time Cup winner President responsible for the implementation of the national cup competition Federation Commission.


  • French Champion: None (but runner-up 1970)
  • French Cup Winners: 1964, 1969
  • European Cup Winners' Cup: 11 games, 1 goal for Lyon (1963 /64 and 1964/65 ) and 4 games (1969 /70) for Marseille; also 3 Appearances in fair or UEFA Cup (1 for Lyon, Marseille 2 )
  • 48 A internationals ( including 9 during his time at Lyon, 21 in Marseille, near Paris SG 17, 1 at Paris FC ), 3 Torerfolge and in 24 games and team captain; World Cup 1966 participant
  • 396 missions and 37 goals in Division 1 ( 155/18 Lyon, 139/12 for Marseille, 38 /2 for PSG, 64/5 for Paris FC )
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  • Football coach (France)
  • Born in 1939
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