Jean-Jacques Goldman

Jean -Jacques Goldman ( [ ʒɑ.ʒak.gɔld ' man]; born October 11, 1951 in Paris ) is a French composer and performer. Goldman is also active under the pseudonyms Sweet Memories and Sam Brewski. His younger brother Robert Goldman is also successful as a composer.

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Goldman's mother Ruth Ambrunn comes from Munich, his father age Mojze Goldman from Lublin in Poland. Jean -Jacques Goldman learned to play from the age of five piano and violin. Between 1965 and 1967 he sang in the church choir at Red Mountain Gospellers. During this time he also learned the blues guitar playing. From 1968 to 1970, Goldman was a member of the group The Phalanster and occurred mainly in the Paris suburbs. Other group members were Christian and Alex Gibson, as the Gibson Brothers in 1980 had success in the disco scene.

Goldman's successful career began in 1975 as a singer, composer and instrumentalist of the group Taï Phong. There he met his future friend and musical collaborators Michael Jones. The style of Thaï Phong can be compared to the Genesis in the seventies.

Goldman's breakthrough as a soloist in France took place in 1981 with the title Il suffira d'un signe. The term Démodé as the title of the album was met with the record company to criticism, as well minoritaire to name the successor disk, because both words have a negative connotation.

Quand la musique est hits like bonne, Je marche seul Je te donne and, a duet with Michael Jones and his first number-one hit in France, followed. Although his music in the late eighties was a widespread insider tip in Germany just among students, he never made it here as a solo artist in the charts. Goldman joined in 1989 live in Germany, including Berlin.

1990 began a new phase of his career in which he worked with Michael Jones and Carole Fredericks under the name " Fredericks, Goldman, Jones ." The focus was on complex arrangements, both solo, as were also sung in duet or trio. This collaboration emerged two studio and two live albums. Carole Fredericks died in June 2001 at a performance of a heart attack.

As of 1997, Goldman revitalized his solo career. He was further supported by Jones. The albums En passant and chansons pour les pieds were great successes, though they could hardly be more different. En passant was a very intimate, embossed album of ballads, while the so far last studio album features a variety of styles from disco to rock, folk and pop.

Especially Goldman's tours are very popular in France, since they also offer an impressive stage technology alongside unusual arrangements of his songs. So at the Tour danced ensemble 2002, two dozen tap dancer. A publicly befindliches stage element was rotated so that the musicians were alternately be seen from all sides, and in the final the main stage folded up fully, so that the musicians standing vertically in height of five meters on a wall and secured by snap hooks to Envole moi - made ​​music.

Goldman also wrote songs and albums for artists such as Celine Dion, Patricia Kaas, Khaled and Johnny Hallyday. He is also the composer of the track, does not see me by Xavier Naidoo and has recorded the song under the title Elle ne me voit pas for the soundtrack of the film Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar. Occasionally, he used pseudonyms like Sam Brewski, Sweet Memories, First Prayer or O. Menor.

Under the pseudonym Sam Brewski Goldman wrote, among other hits for Patricia Kaas. The name " O. Menor " is none other than the French translation of " homme en or " his German - Jewish name" Goldman ", which phonetically as" lets represent OM en or ". Under the pseudonym J. Kapler his brother Robert Goldman writes songs for other artists. Under the name JRG Jean -Jacques and Robert Goldman founded a production company.

Goldman also occurs regularly with the Les Enfoirés project, within which give a lot of French music stars once in a joint concert. It was founded in 1985 by actor and clown Coluche launched to collect for the organization Les Restos du Cœur donations, supplies the needy daily with food. For this project, headed Goldman 1985 theme song song of the restos in and took the only musician of France hitherto attended all benefit concerts.

To date, publications with Goldman - participation have 170 times - acquired in France alone over silver, gold, platinum, and diamond status, of which more than 75 publications under the name of Jean -Jacques Goldman or Fredericks, Goldman, Jones has succeeded. The written and produced by Goldman album D' eux by Céline Dion is the world's most successful French-language album. 21 Goldman - songs have so far managed in the French top ten.



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Since 1980, he wrote 135 songs for 51 different artists, including: Florent Pagny, Carole Fredericks, Gerard De Palmas, Lorie, Lââm, Julie Zenatti, Marc Lavoine, Maurane, Liane Foly, Garou, Yannick Noah and others.