Jean-Jacques Perrey

Jean -Jacques Perrey ( born January 20, 1929) is a French composer and a pioneer of electronic music, as a musician in the United States in the late 1960s had his greatest success.


In 1953, Jean -Jacques Perrey had completed his studies at the Paris Faculty of Medicine after four years. However, he then turned particularly to the music after him the possibilities of Ondioline, a new electronic instrument, which was based on electron tubes enthusiastic. Since he still had no real musical training (so far only experience as an accordionist as a hobby ), he learned the Ondioline as a musical instrument and know was discovered by Georges Jenny, the inventor of this instrument. This was at the time in search of a musician who was able to demonstrate the possibilities of his instrument.

Perrey then began with appearances in Europe to publicize the Ondioline. Then he made ​​the acquaintance of Charles Trenet and Edith Piaf and accompanied them especially on concert performances. The latter also wrote some of his compositions and recommended that the New York Carroll Bratman. This is thrilled and invites him turn to the United States.

In March 1960, Perrey then travels to New York. Here he is particularly striking - the world first of Ondioline and the guidance by Bratman give him a very quick success. Bratman makes him a most modern studio available with him, among other things is possible to produce commercial jingles and incidental music. At the time he started with a LP "The Happy Moog " in collaboration with Harry Breuer.

He continued his work with the production of music, focused specifically on this particular recording with organ votes by Rimsky -Korsakov.

In 1964, he made ​​acquaintance with the composer Gershon Kingsley, who later became world famous with the song " Popcorn ". In collaboration they produced two albums "The In Sound From Way Out" and " Kaleidoscopic Vibrations". The latter contained the song Baroque Hoedown, which was used by Disney in 1972 for " Main Street Electrical Parade ". In 1968 he released a new album, "The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey - " it " Moog Indigo" in 1970. Then he returned to France and dealt especially with the research in therapeutic music.


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