Jean Meeus

Jean Meeus ( born 1928 ) is a Belgian mathematician, astronomer and author. His specialty is the Celestial Mechanics and Mathematical Astronomy.


Jean Meeus was born in 1928. He studied mathematics at the Catholic University of Leuven, where in 1953 he received the degree of licentiate of mathematics. Until his retirement in 1993, he was employed as a meteorologist at Brussels airport.

Jean Meeus, the member of several Astronomical companies, published numerous works on celestial mechanics and mathematical astronomy, which have appeared partly in German.

In recognition of his contributions to astronomy, the International Astronomical Union has designated 1981 on September 24, 1935 by Eugène Delporte discovered asteroid 2213 Meeus Jean Meeus after.

In 1986, Jean Meeus received the Amateur Achievement Award of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.



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