Jean-Pierre Mocky

Jean -Pierre Mocky ( born July 6, 1933, Nice as Jean -Paul Adam Mokiejewski ) is a French film director and actor.

Life and career

Mocky began his career as a film actor ( inter alia, 1942 in the night with the devil and 1949 in Orpheus ) and then moved on to directing, where he is regarded as representative of the anarchic film. Mocky staged black-humored farce. If Mocky not play itself, as in Solo, his favorite leading man Serrault was ( in ten films Mocky ). After the anarchic '70s other sizes of French film since the late 80s have been experiencing in the work of Jean -Pierre Mocky: Jeanne Moreau ( The Miracle of Papu ), Stéphane Audran ( A turbulent weekend ), Catherine Deneuve ( Agent Trouble - murder accidentally ), Claude Jade ( Bonsoir ), Jane Birkin ( Noir comme le souvenir) and Michael Lonsdale (Le Furet ).


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