Jean Schlumberger

Jean Schlumberger ( born May 26, 1877 in Gebweiler, Alsace, † October 25th 1968 in Paris) was a French journalist and writer.


Jean Schlumberger comes from a wealthy family of Alsace. His brothers were geophysicists and geologists Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger.

In 1909 he founded, together with André Gide and other " out of the spirit of the elite," the magazine Nouvelle Revue Française, from ' it can be said that it was the cradle of literary modernism in France ".

Schlumberger turned away from its original Protestantism and represented the agnosticism. Original sin did not exist for him, but his literary figures bear a permanent struggle between instinct and conscience, good and evil from. He argued for the primacy of undisguised truth and themselves out against ruthless truth on the one hand in front of propriety on the other side.



  • Théâtre, 1943 ( 11th Edition )
  • Eveils, 1950 ( 4th edition )
  • Oeuvre, 7 volumes from 1958 to 1962
  • Correspondance. Jacques Rivière - Jean Schlumberger in 1980