Jean Tiberi

Jean Tiberi ( born January 30, 1935 in Paris ) is a French politician. He was on May 22, 1995 to March 18, 2001 Mayor of Paris. He is a member of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP ).

Political career

Jean Tiberi was from 1968 to 2012 member of the French National Assembly, with a break of a few months in 1976. During this time he was State Secretary in the first government of Jacques Chirac.

Jean Tiberi has long been a faithful Jacques Chirac, who was elected as the 5th arrondissement. After his election as president in 1995, Chirac struck him as a candidate for the office of mayor of Paris before, which had until then exercised Chirac himself, to the great indignation of some other Selected from Paris of the RPR, including Jacques Toubon. Tiberi won the municipal election in 1995 and was elected as mayor of Paris.

Due to various affairs Tiber and intra-party conflicts nominated the RPR, the Tiberi belonged, for the local elections 2001 is not it, but Philippe Séguin as the leading candidate. Tiberi applied then presented a list. This meant that the bourgeois camp despite a notional majority in the votes cast mandates won less than the left and Tiberi had to relinquish the post of mayor of Bertrand Delanoë.

Tiberi enjoys a dubious reputation because of possible involvement in several fiscal affairs, of which his wife Xavière Tiberi is affected.


  • Since 1965: Member of the Municipal Council of Paris
  • August 13, 1968 February 12, 1976: Member of the National Assembly ( 4th and 5th term, resignation ends due to the government )
  • January 12, 1976 to 25 August 1976: Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Research, responsible for the food industry
  • 15. November 1976 to May 2012: Member of the National Assembly ( 6th to 13th Term)
  • March 14, 1983 to 21 May 1995: Deputy Mayor ( Adjoint au Maire ) de Paris
  • Since March 14, 1983: Member of the City Council in the 5th arrondissement of Paris
  • March 29, 1983 to 21 May 1995: Mayor in the 5th arrondissement of Paris
  • May 22, 1995 to 18 March 2001: Mayor of Paris
  • Since April 2, 2001: Mayor in the 5th arrondissement of Paris