Jeene Ki Raah

  • Jeetendra: Mohan
  • Tanuja: Radha
  • Manmohan Krishna: Kamalrai Mansukhlal / Mr. Rai
  • Durga Khote: Janki
  • Anjali Kadam: Shobha
  • Sanjeev Kumar: Dr. Manohar
  • Viju Khote: Raghunandan
  • Roopesh Kumar: Rasdas

Jeene Ki Raah is a successful Bollywood film from the 60s. The film is a remake of Telugufilms Bratuku Theruvu ( 1953).


In order to feed his family in the village, Mohan would accept any job. Thanks to his friend Dr. Manohar he meets the wealthy Mr. Rai know who currently wants to fill the vacant post of secretary. However, one condition must meet Mohan: It must not be married. Despite his guilty conscience, he denies marrying Shobha and so takes on the new job. In addition, Mohan has a favorable effect on Mr. Rais pretty daughter Radha. Since the death of her mother Radha could not bear the loss. In Mohan's presence they forget their worries and find joy in life again.

In the hope that even in Mohan's life everything changes for the good, he always sends money back to his family. But the greedy sister Durga keeps everything for himself. It so happens that Mohan's family, including mother Janki, wife and siblings go to the big city and looking for Mohan.

Now Mohan is in trouble. For a while he leads a double life, so that Radha and Mr. Rai not find out about his family. Ultimately, he can not handle and the game of hide the truth comes to light. Both parties are disappointed by Mohan, yet they forgive him and Radha finds happiness at Mohan's friend Dr. Manohar.



Filmfare Award 1970

  • Filmfare Award / Best Music of Laxmikant Pyarelal
  • Filmfare Award / Best playback singer Lata Mangeshkar on Aap Mujhe Achche for the song Lagne location


  • Filmfare Award / Best Film to L. V. Prasad
  • Filmfare Award / Best Director at L. V. Prasad
  • Filmfare Award / Best playback singer Mohammad Rafi on for Badi Mastani Hai
  • Filmfare Award / Best lyrics Anand Bakshi for the song to Badi Mastani Hai