Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator was a great platform truck based on the SJ Jeep Wagoneer. It was introduced in 1962. It gave the following comments:

  • J 200 for car with a short wheelbase to 1965
  • J 300 for van with long wheelbase to 1965
  • J 2000 car with a short wheelbase from 1965
  • J 3000 for car with a long wheelbase from 1965
  • J 4000 for cars with the wheelbase of 3,327 mm

The Gladiator was there with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with solid axle front or independently suspended front wheels, also available with twin rear tires. It was available as chassis cab, Tow Truck, Flatbed with Camper structure. The available variations of the platform were: Town Side, Thriftside and platform body.

1971, the name Gladiator was abandoned. Then the truck Jeep Pickup was with the models 2000 and J J 4000-1973, and J 20 of 1974 until 1988. The military versions were called M- 715 and M- 725th

The Jeep Honcho was not a separate model, but only a marketing name for a special equipment package.

Jeep Gladiator concept car of 2005

The end of 2004 a concept car was presented with the name '' Jeep Gladiator ''. The car should not go into production, but show what Jeep was planning for the future. The Gladiator had a fabric roof, a fold-down windshield, auszuhängende doors and a pull-out bunk. He had a 2.8 liter - developed turbo-diesel engine, the 163 bhp (120 kW ) of power and 400 Nm of torque - four - cylinder common rail. The manual transmissions has 6 levels. The ground clearance is 348 mm, the tilt angle of 23.2 °, the Angle of 47.6 ° and 38 ° backward. The tires front and rear have 34'' and sit on wheels 18 '' x 8''. The payload is 680 kg.


The Gladiator J was 300, at the time known internationally in black and white Zebra painting by the television series Daktari.