Jeff Danna

Jeffrey W. " Jeff" Danna ( born 1964 in Burlington, Ontario ) is a Canadian composer and guitarist.


He composes film music like his older brother Mychael Danna (born 1958 ). In some films they worked together well, such as The Boondock Saints (1999 ), for which Jeff wrote the original music and Mychael the song The Blood of Cuchulainn contributed to the soundtrack.

1990 Jeff Danna was nominated for the soundtrack of Cold Comfort for a Genie Award. For the music to The Matthew Shepard Story and Miss Spider 's Sunny Patch Friends, he was awarded in 2002 and 2006, each with a Gemini Award, and he was nominated for the music in Miss Spider 's Sunny Patch Friends for this price 2005. 2005 and 2006 there was Annie Award nominations for Miss Spider 's Sunny Patch Friends and The Zula Patrol.

Filmography (selection)