Jeff Healey

Norman Jeffrey " Jeff" Healey ( March 25, 1966 in Toronto, Ontario, † March 2, 2008 ) was a Canadian blues, rock and jazz guitarist, trumpeter and singer.

Life and career

As a yearling Healey became blind at a retinoblastoma (malignant retinal tumor). Two years later he got his first guitar, which he played in an unusual way: Healey played mostly sitting, with the instrument he lay flat on his thighs and the guitar played like a zither. At age six, Healey made ​​her first appearance in public. When he was a teenager, he had already played in numerous bands of different genres. In Brantford (Canada) Healey attended a school for the blind in their jazz band, he played guitar and trumpet. At age fourteen he had his own radio show in which he chose strong record collection songs from his 25,000 records. Later he founded the company Blue Blue Directions.

1985 invited his idol Albert Collins Healey one to one session and a performance with Stevie Ray Vaughan; In 1986 he played with BB King. He became known in Blue circles by such appearances. During this time, Sunday nights many rock stars of North America met at Grossman 's Tavern in Toronto on jam sessions. Healey played there, among others with Robbie Robertson, the Downchild Blues Band, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bob Dylan. In such sessions Healey also met bassist Joe Rockman and drummer Tom Stephen, with whom he founded in 1986 Jeff Healey Band. The band played mostly a traditionally-minded blues rock, the very well received by the critics. Healey's live performances were popular, as he played the guitar case, inter alia, with the teeth, head over or behind the back.

Even in the years before his death was Jeff Healey on tour - with the Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards project; In this project, he distinguished himself as a trumpeter. A jazz record was released under the title It's Tight Like That. His last blues album Mess Of Blues was released Ruf Records on 20 March 2008 on the German label.


Jeff Healey died Sunday evening, March 2, 2008 at the age of 41 years, at St. Joseph 's Health Centre hospital in his hometown of Toronto, the consequences of retinoblastoma. He suffered all his life from the disease, it also led to his early blindness ( see above). In the last years of the metastatic tumor in his lungs and legs. Healey left behind a wife and two children.


  • See the Light ( 1988, Arista ), with The Jeff Healey Band
  • Road House - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ( 1989, Arista ), contains songs by other artists also four pieces of Jeff Healey Band
  • Hell to Pay ( 1990, Arista ), with The Jeff Healey Band
  • Feel This ( 1992, Arista ), with The Jeff Healey Band
  • Cover to Cover ( 1995, Arista ), with The Jeff Healey Band
  • The Very Best of the Jeff Healey Band ( 1998 BMG), Greatest Hits Compilation
  • Master Hits ( 1999, Arista ), greatest-hits compilation of the Arista Years
  • Get Me Some (2000; Forte ), with The Jeff Healey Band
  • The Best of the Jeff Healey Band - Original Hits (2001 Paradiso ), Greatest Hits compilation, contains the same songs as the 1998 album of BMG
  • Among Friends (2002, Stony Plain )
  • Adventures in Jazzland (2004, Stony Plain )
  • Platinum & Gold Collection (2004, Arista ), greatest-hits compilation of the Arista Years
  • Live at Montreux 1999 (2005; Eagle ), published by The Jeff Healey Band, also known as DVD
  • It's Tight Like That (2006, Stony Plain ), live album with The Jazz Wizards and guest star Chris Barber
  • Mess of Blues ( 2008; reputation ), contains six studio and four live recordings
  • Legacy: Volume One (2008, Arbor ), Greatest Hits compilation, includes bonus DVD with live footage
  • Songs from the Road ( 2009; reputation ), DVD and CD with live recordings
  • Last Call (2010, Stony Plain ), jazz album with 14 occurred shortly before his death recordings
  • Live at Grossman 's - 1994 (2011; Eagle Records ) live album with Pat Rush and Michael Pickett as guests;