Jehan Bellegambe

Jehan Bellegambe (* 1470 in Douai, French Flanders, now France, Nord-Pas -de- Calais, ibid † ca 1535; Jean Bellegambe ) was a French painter of the Renaissance. He is occasionally performed as a result of Dutch history Douais. He was also known as a master of color.

About his education is not known. Bellegambe he painted many splendid religious representations, three - and multi-part altarpiece, of which the most important in his hometown, Arras, Aix, are preserved at the Palais des Beaux -Arts of Lille and Saint Petersburg.

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the altar triptych Le Cellier is issued, so named after its place of discovery, a former granary of the monastery of Clairvaux.

The Art Institute of Chicago exhibiting a view of Saint Catherine of Alexandria by him.