Jenne, Lazio

Jenne is a municipality in the province of Rome, Lazio Region with 393 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2012).


Jenne is located 81 km east of Rome above the valley of the Aniene in the Regional Park of Simbruini, a promontory of Abruzzo. Jenne is a member of the Comunità Montana Valle Aniene.


Jenne was the first time in a document of Pope Leo IX. ( 1049-54 ) mentioned above, the Subiaco Abbey possession of a fundus Gehenna confirmed. On a memorial stone in the abbey of St. Scholastica in Subiaco 1052, a castrum Jennarorum is counted among their possessions.

1079 occupied Ildemondo dei Conti at the top of a Norman army the village and the castle. 1113 was abbot of Subiaco Giovanni the place as a fief to his relatives Crescenzo, the Bishop of Alatri. He was succeeded in 1176 Filippo di Marano, the first lords of Jenne, and great-grandfather of Rinaldo II from Jenne, who later became Pope Alexander IV. His successor, Rinaldo III. Jenne had to resign in 1300 to Cardinal Francesco Caetani his property eventually.

1639 Urban VIII gave the place back to the Abbey in Subiaco back.


Source: ISTAT


Mario Cecconi (civic list Jenne Insieme ) was elected in June 2009 for the mayor. He solved Sante Flamini (since 1999 ), who did not run.


The castle is the chapel of Santa Maria remained in Arce with frescoes from the 13th century remain. Previously, a monument to Pope Alexander IV, who was born here.

Regular events

From August 14 to 17 will be held in honor of the patron saint San Rocco processions and celebrations.