Jeremiah Haralson

Jeremiah Haralson (* April 1, 1846 near Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia; † ca 1916 near Denver, Colorado ) was an American politician ( Republican).


Jeremiah Haralson came as a slave to the world and went autodidactic studies after. He moved to Alabama, where he dealt with agricultural work. He also worked as a pastor. Haralson also pursued a political career. He was a member of the House of Representatives in 1870 and 1872 in the Senate of Alabama. Haralson ran unsuccessfully in 1868 for a seat in 41 U.S. Congress, but was elected to the 44th Congress. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives on 4 March 1875 to 3 March 1877. He then held a position in the Federal Customs Service in Baltimore (Maryland). Later he worked as a clerk in the Interior Ministry. Haralson went from 12 August 1882 to his resignation on August 21, 1884 of an activity in Pension Bureau in Washington, DC. Then he moved to Louisiana, where he again devoted to agricultural activities, and from there to Arkansas in 1904. He was a short time as a pension agent operates. Haralson returned to Alabama and settled in 1912 in Selma down. He later moved to Texas and from there first to Oklahoma and then to Colorado, where he pursued the coal mining industry. Haralson was killed around 1916 near Denver ( Colorado) by wild animals.