Jeronimas Milius

Jeronimas Milius ( born October 11, 1984 in Vilnius) is a Lithuanian singer.

Since 2003, Milius singer of the heavy metal band Soul Stealer (formerly Soul Brothers). From 2004 to 2006, he took singing lessons with Česlovas Gabalis since 2007 Povilas Meškėla. In 2006, he already participated as a background singer of Aistė Pilvelytė that the second place in 2008, at the national preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest in Vilnius part.

In 2008, he took with his song " Nomads in the Night " in the Lithuanian part of the preliminary round for Euro Vision Song Contest, finishing in 1st place with 11,674 votes. In the second semi-final of the Euro Vision Song Contest on 22 May 2008 in Belgrade did not succeed Milius, to qualify for the two days later held the final.