Jesse Frederick

Jesse Frederick Conaway ( born 1948 in Salisbury, Maryland) is an American television and film composer. In his career he has been ten times awarded the ASCAP Award.


Jesse Frederick James Conaway grew up in Seaford Delaware. His four years older brother Everett Thomas died at age 12 of cystic fibrosis. 1966 graduated from Frederick the Seaford High School and went to the Shenandoah College and Conservatory of Music. He composed music and wrote in 1971, at the age of 23 years, a contract with Albert Grossman Bearsville Records. His debut album, recorded in Nashville and partly mixed by Todd Rundgren, was published this year. 1973 published Bearsville a promo 45 with stereo and mono versions of the first single from the second album Fredericks. The single was titled " I Belong to You". With producer Jeff Koz, with whom he had worked on some film and video projects, Frederick formed the band The Kinetics and released the single " Do not Stand In The Shadow" on Columbia Records.

In the late 1970s, Frederick focused on film and television music. In 1980, he composed for the Taylor Hackford film "The Idolmaker " the musical passages of the main characters. His soundtrack to " Here Is My Love " was released in stereo and mono formats. In 1982, he composed for the Troma film The Fanatic (aka The Last Horror Movie). Many other compositions and sounds followed.

Works (selection)

  • Theme music for A Greek conquered Chicago
  • Theme song Everywhere You Look for Full House
  • Title music for all under one roof